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DAHIL SA PAG IBIG Tv Series June 12 2012 Abs Cbn

Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig ( Because of Love formerly Padre de Familia) is a Philippine television drama series that airs on ABS-CBN starring Piolo Pascual,[1] Jericho Rosales and Christopher De Leon. The series premiered on March 12, 2012. The series replaced the advocate-serye Budoy.

The TV series sets on the backdrop on a political family in a small town whose lives intercross when it comes to tying the bonds when it comes to love and family and the secrets beneath there political views and personal lives.

The concept was visualized around September 2011. In a press conference held by ABS-CBN, they announced that an upcoming television drama, with a working title of Padre de Pamilya will be part of ABS-CBN's programs on the first quarter of 2012. They announced that the two leads will be Piolo Pascual and Jericho Rosales, and that Pascual's character is a priest. Other supporting actors that was revealed were Christopher de Leon, Maricar Reyes, Rafael Rosell, and Denise Laurel. In November 2011, some scenes were filmed in Rome, Italy for Pascual's priest scenes in Vatican City. In January 25, 2012, ABS-CBN then launched the television series as Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig with another actress added, Cristine Reyes.[8][9] It is helmed by the directors of the critically acclaimed television drama, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, Darnel Villaflor and Avel Sunpongco.


A special teaser for the trailer was released on February 22, 2012 stating that the series is now titled Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig. The full trailer was released on February 27, 2012 during the ABS-CBN television drama, Budoy. It stated that the series premiere will be March 12, 2012.

Main cast

Piolo Pascual as Father Alfredo Valderama/Benjamin Osorio, Jr. - The adoptive son of the Leo and Cindy. He is a priest and Jasmin's foster brother. Although it is highly forbidden, he will develop special feelings towards his foster sister. He is the biological brother of Oliver Falcon. Will love ever find each other again?
Jericho Rosales as Oliver Falcon/Jepoy Osorio - The adoptive son of Daniel & Helen. He is the long lost brother of Alfred Valderama after their biological father was killed by congressman Leo Valderama. He was able to buy the Javier Corporation due to low performance. He is intelligent, talented and a business-minded person. He will fall in love with the woman whose parents sees him as an enemy. How will he be able to fight for love?
Cristine Reyes as Jasmin Valderama - The only daughter of Leo and Cindy. She soon realizes that she loves Alfred and is willing to give up everything just to be with the one she truly loves. Up to what extent will she be able to fight for a love that seems so impossible?
Maricar Reyes as Agnes Javier - She owns a huge corporation known as the Javier Corporation. A man sold a wedding ring to her which she agreed to buy it, not knowing that it belongs to Oliver's parents. She then finds herself falling in love with the man whom his parents hate. What will she sacrifice for love?
Christopher De Leon as Leo Valderama - The mayor turned Governor of the province of Milagros. A good father and a submissive husband. Later, he ran in the Governor elections and won. Leo is now the Governor of Milagros. Little will he know that Alfred is the son of the man he accidentally murdered. Can you really hide a secret forever?
Rafael Rosell as Edson Zaguirre - The son of the deceased Governor Saguirre. All his life, his father wanted him to follow his footsteps. When his father died, he decided to keep that promise and ran for the elections. He won and is now one of the Mayors of Milagros.
Denise Laurel as Wendy Garcia-Zaguirre - She is Oliver's childhood bestfriend and is like a sister to him. Her mother died when she was little but went to pursue her studies in California when she was 8 years old. Her dad and Governor Saguirre had an agreement to make their children a married couple, Wendy and Edson. Will she finally fall in love with the man who turned out to be his greatest enemy?

Supporting cast

Ronaldo Valdez as Don Ramon Velasco† - The deceased owner of the Velasco Company. He is the father of Cindy and Dennis.
Bing Davao as Governor Rodolfo Zaguirre† - Governor of Milagros; Leo's rival and the father of Edson. He is arrogant, selfish & self-absorbed. He wants himself to be recognized as the most powerful of all.
Lorenzo Mara as Dennis Velasco - The son of Don Ramon and the younger brother of Cindy.
Rey PJ Abellana as Marlon Rivero - A family friend of the Valderama family and a mining engineer. He was assumed to be dead from a car accident but he managed to escape from Leo's villainous acts.
Tetchie Agbayani as Belinda Rivero - The wife of Marlon and a family friend of the Valderama family.
Jeffrey Santos as Zandro - A friend of Leo who knows all his secrets; Governor Leo Valderama's right hand man.
Freddie Webb as Daniel Falcon - The owner of the Falcon industries. He is Oliver's father and Helen's husband.
Carla Martinez as Helen Falcon - The wife of Daniel Falcon
Joonee Gamboa as Father Benedict Cruz - The vocational director of the seminary where Alfred and Theo are currently attending.
Cheska IƱigo as Marina Zaguirre - The Governor's wife and Edson's Mom
Malou Crisologo as Yaya Ceding - She is well loved by the Valderama family because of her loyalty to them and her positive attitude. She is the one who took care of Jasmin & Alfred ever since they were little.
Edward Mendez as Theo - Alfred's bestfriend inside the seminary. He is also a priest.
Kristel Fulgar as Andrea Rivero - the Rebellious and sickly daughter of Marlon and Belinda. Seems to know a thing or two about Leo's lewd plans

Special participation

Sandy Andolong as Cindy Velasco-Valderama† - The wife of Leo and the older sister of Dennis. She is a sweet, loving mother to her children. She dies after getting into a car accident.
Joel Torre as Benjamin Osorio† - Biological Father of Alfred and Oliver. He was killed accidentally by Leo with an axe.
Melissa Mendez as Elena Osorio† - Biological Mother of Alfred and Oliver. She died after getting hit by a truck.
Francis Magundayao as Teen Alfred Valderama
Ella Cruz as Teen Jasmin Valderama
Carlo Lacana as Teen Edson Saguirre
Nanding Josef as Nonoy - Uncle of Leo
Annica Tindoy as Kid Jasmin Valderama
Nathaniel Britt as Kid Alfred Valderama
Lui Villaruz as Mike Barrios
Yong An Chiu as Young Mike Barrios
Johnny Revilla as Mr. Javier
Maritess Joaquin as Mrs. Javier


The show's original soundtrack, which features the theme song sung by Piolo Pascual, Angeline Quinto, Bryan Termulo & Cristine Reyes.

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