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Walang Hanggan June 15 2012 Abs Cbn Coco Martin and Julia Montes

Walang Hanggan, (Tv series) The story begins in the mid-80's in the region of Olivarez. Marco (Richard Gomez), son and future heir of his family's wine business falls in love with Emily (Dawn Zulueta), the daughter of one of their workers. Margaret (Helen Gamboa) solely disapproves of Marco and Emily's relationship as she sees her son with none other than Jane (Rita Avila), the rich daughter of a bank owner. Margaret will do anything to break Marco and Emily's relationship, which becomes one of the reasons of her rivalry between her sister, Virginia (Susan Roces), eventually cutting their ties as siblings. As a result of Margaret's actions, Emily's father (Spanky Manikan) dies of a heart attack and Emily is sent to jail and gave birth to a stillborn child named Emil (but this baby is in fact still alive in the person of Daniel) while Marco and Jane gets married, which makes Emily swear that one day, she will exact revenge on Marco and Margaret, and be as wealthy as them.

Years later, Marco and Jane are blessed with two children whom they name Johanna (Melissa Ricks) and Nathan (Paulo Avelino). It is there that Marco and his family befriended William (Joel Torre) and his two kids, Tomas (Joem Bascon) and Katerina (Julia Montes), who have just moved into the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, William adopts a street boy whom he names Daniel (Coco Martin). As Daniel grows up, he creates a strong friendship between Katerina and himself which leads to a romantic relationship, and promises of eternal love.

Eventually, William dies of heart failure and Tomas takes over the family business and abuses Daniel, but the latter resolves to stay despite all the pain he suffers, as long as he is with Katerina. Their love is tested upon Johanna and Nathan's return.

Because of their family's lack of wealth, Tomas wants her sister to marry Nathan, in order for this to happen, he will do anything to break Daniel and Katerina up. Tomas abuses Daniel to near death which leads him into thinking that the latter is in fact dead. He uses the opportunity to tell his sister that Daniel has abandoned her, which in turn leads to Katerina agreeing to marry Nathan.

Unknown to them, Daniel is really alive and was saved by a woman who has long been watching over them - a woman named Emily. With Emily's help, Daniel builds a new life in Italy without him knowing that Emily is using him in her plan to make the Montenegro family pay. After knowing Daniel more, she begins to think differently about Daniel. After hearing about Katerina's wedding, Daniel returns home from Italy and rushes to stop Katerina's wedding, but fails. He leaves to the Palasyo where Katerina and him spent most of their time at Katerina shows up and sees him, but he leaves. Many events happen afterwards. Will all the secrets be told and most of all, will all find love ever again?

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